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What is silicone tableware?

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Silicone tableware refers to tableware products produced using silicone materials. Non toxic and odorless, resistant to high temperatures, using food grade silicone molded. Silicone tableware is well coordinated with temperature, protecting the temperature of food regardless of whether it is hot or cold, reducing temperature changes and loss. Food placed in a silicone bowl or basin for a period of time can still maintain its original temperature, without transferring the corresponding temperature to the user during use. And the unique characteristics of silicone material itself, which are different from other materials, make the products produced by it have amazing usage effects. For example, food containers that come to the ground without sound will not produce harmful substances even after being steamed at high temperatures. Moreover, the tableware can be folded, kneaded, and flipped over, and it does not take up space when carried in a pocket, nor does it absorb oil stains. It itself has a desiccant effect and will not mold or deteriorate due to long-term storage.

At this point, you may still be unable to imagine what kind of material silicone rubber is. In fact, we often come into contact with silicone products in our daily lives, but they are easily overlooked. For example, the pacifiers used on baby bottles and the sealing rings of pressure cookers. The use of silicone rubber in these two fields cannot be replaced by any other material... existence is reasonable. With the development of technology and the improvement of people's requirements for quality of life, the safety standards for silicone tableware will become more and more perfect, Everyone can use it with confidence. Due to the temperature resistance of silicone, it can withstand high temperatures of 240 ℃ without deformation, and does not harden at -40 ℃. Therefore, this is a product that can be used in one go, very practical. We can put it into the microwave without classification, without worrying about melting, aging, and yellowing. It is easy to clean, and can use less or even no cleaning agents containing chemicals. It has strong practicality and convenience, Very suitable for use in daily life.

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