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How to solve mold sticking during silicone demolding

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Firstly, let's analyze the causes of silicone mold sticking, which generally include two reasons: insufficient surface finish of the mold, surface defects, and small local chamfers, all of which can cause mold sticking; Pour the curing agent into the mold if it is not stirred evenly, and when it is removed, it will dry one piece at a time. Let's take a look at the specific solution below.

1. Mold surface treatment

Before opening the mold, it is necessary to process the mold type. For example, if the surface of the mold is rough and dry or if making a complex mold, it is necessary to polish it smooth or clean it thoroughly, and then apply the release agent evenly. Commonly used release agents include Vaseline, dishwashing detergent, liquid paraffin, etc. In practical operation, different release agents can be applied according to the material of the mold type.

2. Spray release agent treatment

Using a release agent to spray on the surface of the model can increase the release effect and avoid the difficulty of separating the silicone from the model after curing.

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