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Details Information

IOTA 108 Room Temperature Vulcanized Phenyl Silicone Rubber

Product Name

Room Temperature Vulcanized Phenyl Silicone Rubber

Molecular Formula

(CH)SiOH[(CH)SiO] m  [(CH)SiO]nOH


Typical Properties


Colorless transparent oily liquid


Soluble in organic solvents such as toluene, xylene, and chlorinated hydrocarbons

Viscosity 25 mPa.s


Phenyl Content (mol%)


Volatile matter150/2h)≤



In addition to excellent electrical properties, weather resistance, ozone resistance, etc., IOTA 108 also has excellent low temperature resistanceradiation resistance, ablation resistance and self-extinguishing. IOTA 108 can be used as a potting material for various electronic and electrical components, a component for the impregnating impression and release material, a component of the binder.

It can be used as a variety of aircraft insulation materials bonding, spacecraft insulation products, engine insulation supplies; anti-radiation coating for nuclear power, electromagnetic radiation coatings, sealing rings, gaskets, pipes,rods,etc.for cold and burn resistance, heat aging and radiation resistant parts,etc.

It still has elasticity under the low temperature condition of -120 , adding a certain amount of heat-resistant additives, suitable for ablation resistant putty, coating and encapsulation can be used for special purposes. 

Packaging, storage and transportation:

Net weight of 25 kilograms per plastic bucket, avoid direct sunlight, and isolate sources of ignition and heat sources. This product has a storage period of 3 years from the date of production. After exceeding the storage period, it can still be used if the testing indicators are qualified

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